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Rivers & Ridges is here to provide quality outdoor guided experiences to our clients, make lasting, impactful memories for them, and promote conservation of North Carolina’s natural resources. Through recreational activities of hiking, camping, and fly fishing, we strive to connect guests with themselves and each other, and hope to inspire new voices to the conservation efforts of North Carolina’s most precious natural resources. 


Our team strives to provide the best adventure possible!



A native North Carolinian, Nick’s first introduction to fishing began with his grandmother, who put a rod in his hand at an early age. From then, he was often found hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping, and all around adventuring. 

Nick’s favorite part of being a guide is introducing new anglers to the world of fly fishing. He enjoys seeing someone pick up a fly rod for the first time, learn the nuances in a cast, and experiencing the rush from that first catch. 

With Nick’s background in event production and hospitality, he aims to provide an eye for detail and ensure an elevated guest experience for a seamless, safe and unforgettable experience for each trip.


The other half of Rivers & Ridges, Sara shares the same passion for the outdoors and a love for adventure. Hailing from Florida, Sara made her way to North Carolina and fell in love with the breathtaking mountains, streams, and changing seasons.

As a fly fishing guide, Sara loves the opportunity to help guests disconnect from the demands of their daily lives and reconnect with their natural surroundings. Fly fishing to her is more than just a pastime— it’s an opportunity to slow down and become fully immersed in nature, reconnecting with the place and the people around you.

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